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Company name: ToastCode Hart

Address: Bärenlochweg 2, 9465 Sennwald, Schweiz

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App description

The app functions as a payment reminder system. It automatically sends out email and or SMS reminders to customers with unpaid orders to increase the likelihood for orders to get paid or to get paid faster. After an unsuccessful recovery Kindly can automatically cancel this order.



  • Email: Kindly can only recover orders with a payment status of pending and with a valid email address of the customer. Draft orders must have a status of “Open” or “Invoice sent” to be recoverable.
  • SMS: Kindly can only recover orders with a payment status of pending and with a valid email address of the customer. The customer also has to opt-in for SMS notifications. That’s the User’s responsibility.


User Responsibilities

The User needs to have their customers opt-in for SMS reminders. The User undertakes not to exploit or misuse the system in a corrupt manner. If such behaviour is suspected, we may deactivate Kindly functions for this User.


Data Collection and Privacy

Our privacy policy 


Payment terms

We offer differently sized monthly subscription plans with a commission fee. The fees vary depending on the plan. We only charge a commission fee on successfully recovered orders. An order is successfully recovered when Kindly sent out at least one reminder to the customer before paying the invoice.



The contract can be terminated by either party in writing or by e-mail subject to the agreed notice period. If no cancellation period has been agreed, the User can terminate the contract at any time, Kindly with a notice period of 30 (thirty) days. Kindly may terminate the contract at any time for good cause (e.g. late payment, breach of obligations by the User).



The contract is concluded by installing the app.


Limitation of Liability

Kindly’s liability in the event of malfunctions of software that are within Kindly’s sphere of influence is limited to the amount processed by Kindly. Liability is excluded for malfunctions that are beyond Kindly’s control (such as external systems, third-party components, network and Internet connections, banks and their connections or force majeure). Kindly guarantees 99% availability of the system on an annual average.


End customers

In the event that an end customer (customer of the User) approaches Kindly, Kindly will inform the end customer that communication should only take place via the User or forward the enquiry to the User.


Changes to terms of service

We will notify Users via email about changes of our terms and services.