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Kindly - Shopify Payment Reminder

Send payment reminders via email to recover unpaid orders and maximize revenue. Automatically.

No credit card needed
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Maximize Revenue

Grows revenue by reminding customers of pending unpaid orders. Perfect, if offering manual payment methods like wire transfer, invoice, Boleto, Oxxo, ...

Time Saving: Autopilot

Automatically sends payment reminders to customers with outstanding orders based on your schedule. Straightforward scheduling.

Increase Sales

Cancels remaining unpaid orders automatically to unblock inventory and make products available again.

Hundreds of happy customers

Performance since
App Launch in August 2020

Successfully Recovered Orders

> 369.000

Successfully Recovered Revenue

> $23.437.000

Email Reminders Sent

> 558.000

Tired of Chasing Customers with Open Invoices?

Kindly does the chasing for you!

1. Set up a Reminder Plan

Easily create an email reminder template to suit your brand and set an email schedule for it.

2. Start Autopilot

Kindly automatically sends email reminders to customers with unpaid orders or draft orders according to your schedule.

3. Recover Revenue

Check the potential revenue in recovery, the already recovered revenue and your success rate on the dashboard's report section.

'Initially we made Kindly for a friend but we wanted to do more good than that!'

Raphael Stolz & Herbert Hart

Read more about Kindly’s story.

Maximize Revenue

Increase Revenue
by Recovering Unpaid Orders

Recover pending unpaid orders by sending kind payment reminders via email. Set up your own email schedule plan.

Saved Time per Customer (Average)

21 hours / month *

*We estimated 10 minutes for drafting and sending an email.


Let Kindly do the


Automatically sends email payment reminders to customers with unpaid orders based on your schedule. Enjoy the extra time you saved by using Kindly.

Template Editor

Super Easy
Creation of Email Templates

Easily tailor email reminders to match it to your brand! Use our template editor to adjust style and content of your email. For advanced use you can switch to the HTML editor.

What Our Clients Say

We will save our breath and let our clients speak for us.

Pricing Plans

Use Kindly’s full potential for 21-days for free – Go with whatever plan fits you best.

Save 10% with a yearly subscription plan

  • $ 9.99 monthly
    • Starter Plan
      • 30 orders
      • Custom schedule & template
      • Auto-remind & auto-cancel unpaid orders
      • Filter orders based on order tags
      • Draft order support
      • Performance analytics
      • Live chat & e-mail
  • $ 17.99 monthly
    • Kinder
      • 100 orders
      • Custom schedule & template
      • Auto-remind & auto-cancel unpaid orders
      • Filter orders tag based
      • Send from due date
      • Performance analytics
      • Live chat & email
  • $ 39.99 monthly
    • Kindness Pro
      • Unlimited orders
      • Chat & email support
      • All of the “Kinder” Plan
      • + Spam Safety
      • + Schedule up to
        9 reminders in one cycle

 Free Trial available: Try Kindly’s full potential for 21 days for free. All pricing plans.

No credit card needed. Trial stops automatically.

Most asked questions

Answers to the most asked questions of our customers.

How does the Kindly - Payment Reminder app work?

  1. The app finds all your pending unpaid orders and draft orders and puts them in the recovery list.
  2. First, you need to set up a reminder plan. The reminder plan contains the settings for the reminder schedule and the email template. There is one reminder plan for orders and one for draft orders.
  3. When the email template and schedule plan are set up and the auto-pilot is enabled, Kindly will send out reminder emails to customers with unpaid orders according to your schedule settings.
  4. When the order gets paid Kindly will stop the sending of reminders and mark the order as “Recovered”.
  5. If the order is not paid by the last payment reminder, Kindly will stop the recovery. Order can be optionally canceled to restock products.

Find detailed info about how to set up Kindly on the How it works page.

Which orders can be recovered with Kindly?

Kindly is intended to recover orders that have not yet been paid. So all orders with the financial status of “pending”, “unpaid” or “partially paid”. Also, all draft orders with the status of “open” or “invoice sent”.

Does Kindly return inventory after the cancelation of an order?

With the cancellation enabled you can optionally choose to return items to the inventory.

How many reminders can I send every month?

That depends on which plan you are on. Find out about your plan in the app’s account page.

Can I use the app inside my WooCommerce store or any other store?

No, currently the “Kindly – Payment Reminder” is exclusively usable with a Shopify store.

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