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Who are we?

The Company

Kindly - Payment Reminder for Shopify stores

Kindly – Payment Reminder is a brand of the ToastCode company. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in Switzerland. We mainly create Shopify apps on client request.

The Team

Raphael Stolz

Founder, CEO

Raphael Stolz

Raphael Stolz completed his technical education in Austria in 2017 at the Higher Technical School for Electronics and Technical Informatics in Vorarlberg, Austria. He co-created 2 mobile apps and his first online store for his own fashion brand while in school. The fashion label which appeared several times in the press, he continued for 1 year in Vienna, but then stopped for a change of focus. He then focused primarily on creating apps for the Shopify marketplace. Since then, together with his teammate Herbert, he has over 20 5-star reviews and over 100 satisfied customers with the app “Kindly – Payment Reminder”. His goal with Kindly is to ensure that no business owner has to chase after their non-paying customers anymore.

His strenghts:

  • Has a talent for creativity. Perfect to communicate our ideas.
  • Loves to find solutions for difficult problems. Comes in handy with user interface design.
  • Always has the bigger picture in mind. As CEO that is a must!
  • Hustles every day. There is no way around that!
  • Tends to joke and be joyful. Helps customers in need to relax.

Herbert Hart

Founder, Head of Development

Herbert Hart

Herbert Hart completed his technical education in 2017 together with his current company teammate Raphael at the Higher Technical School for Electronics and Technical Informatics in Vorarlberg, Austria. He was very interested in software since his first computer science lessons. Soon after, he developed his first app idea for the Android and iOS App Store. After graduation, he worked for an international company in Switzerland as a software developer where he could enhance his developer skills over the period of 5 years to an expert level. Now he focuses entirely on bringing joy to merchants on Shopify with technically state-of-the-art apps.

His strengths:

  • When it comes to coding he is a real strategic. First he creates a plan then he executes it.
  • Hustles like no one else. There for the customers – day and night!
  • Always stays calm. When customers get stormy he has the power to stay stable like a tree.
  • Has a deep technical understanding of things. Perfect to ask the right questions and understand what the customers need.

The story behind Kindly – Payment Reminder

In July 2020, Herbert, one of the founders of Kindly had the first point of contact with the Shopify store system. At that time, his brother opened a print-on-demand webshop and used Shopify as the e-commerce platform. It didn’t take long for him to get the first orders in, and with them the first big annoyance. Orders that were made with invoice or prepayment resulted in open orders because customers often did not pay right ahead. As a result, there was constantly an open revenue that was either achieved late or even lost due to non-payment. It was also tedious that the open orders had to be cancelled manually in order to unblock the inventory. This gave rise to the idea of designing an app that would solve precisely these problems. Our key points for implementing the app were:

  • It should automatically send payment reminders via email to open orders.
  • Emails should not end up in the spam folder of the customer
  • It should have the ability to automatically cancel orders that are open for a certain amount of time
  • The user interface in general, but especially the design of the email template should be foolproof

The app helped Herbert’s brother….

  • Increase revenue: by reminding customers to pay
  • Save valuable time and money: by automatically sending emails and automatically canceling open orders
  • Unblock inventory: by canceling open orders and restocking inventory