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How it works!

This is the documentation of Kindly - Payment Reminder.

Install Payment Reminder on your Shopify Store

Just click here and install it. Done! 🙂


Go to the Shopify App Store and search for Payment Reminder. Then click on the search result “Kindly ‑ Payment Reminder” and install the app. That’s it!

General Settings

  • Activation – Enable to activate the payment reminder system.
  • Sender nameThis is the sender name of the email address. Will be displayed in the customer’s email inbox.
  • Sender email addressEmail payment reminders will be sent out with this email address.
  • Reply-To email addressThis is the email address your customer can respond to when receiving a reminder.
  • BCC email address – A copy of all reminders will be sent anonymously to this email address. Customers will not see this email address in their reminder.
Setting - General

Create an email template

Create your own email template. You can use a bunch of variables from the list. (e.g. Hey {{customer.first_name}},) = Hey Tina,)

Setting - Email Template

Email interval, automation, order cancellation

Enable or disable the automation process for new orders.

Set up when to send the first reminder and then the time delay of the following emails. Also, set how many payment reminder emails you would like to send.

Enable or disable the order cancellation. After all reminders have been unsuccessfully sent, Payment Reminder automatically cancels the order.

Setting - Automation

Preview list and specific order settings

In the order section, you will see a preview list of all the pending orders. If you want to change settings of a specific order you can do so here by clicking on it.

Orders - Preview List

In the specific settings area you will find the same settings than in the general settings area but this time the settings you change here only apply to this one order you chose from the preview list.

Orders - Specific Order Settings