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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about Payment Reminder you will probably be successful looking here.

What orders are meant in the pricing plan?

The pricing is based on orders that you monitor with the app, not the total count of orders. So when you receive a pending, unpaid or partially paid order, you can manually or automatically start to monitor it. This monitored order is then counted as one order in your current plan. Check out our pricing plans.

How do I verify my domain?

  1. Go to your domain hosting service and log in to your admin dashboard.
  2. Look for a setting called “DNS”, “Make DNS record entry” or “Domain Name System” and click on that.
  3. Now you should see something like this:
  4. Let’s start filling in the records you see when navigating to Settings/Domain in Kindly – Payment Reminder on Shopify.
    Take care of choosing the right Type, Name and Value! (Copy name or value simply by clicking on it.)
  5. After that, you can go check if you entered the records correctly. Go back to Kindly’s and navigate to Settings/Domain.
    You should see a list like that. Check if all records have a green tick in front. Like in the image below. If not recheck if you entered the value and name correctly as well as used the correct type.
  6. Congrats you got it!

How can I become a beta user?

Till now we don’t accept beta users. When we do we will let you know here.

What kind of orders does Kindly - Payment Reminder monitor?

If automation is enabled Kindly – Payment Reminder will monitor all orders with the financial status of “pending”, “unpaid” or “partially paid”.

How many orders can I monitor every month?

That depends on which plan you are on. But when you are using the free plan, we give you 3 free monitored orders every month. See more details.

Can I use the app inside my WooCommerce store or any other store?

No, currently the payment reminder is exclusively usable with a Shopify store.

Which sender email address is used for the reminder emails?

How can I contact the support?

You can get in touch with us through our contact form below or on the “contact us” page.

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