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What is Kindly – Payment Reminder?

What is Kindly - Payment Reminder?

How does Kindly help customers recover great sums of revenue, how does the app work and what does it cost?

I am Raphael the founder of Kindly and in this blog post I want to share some interesting information about how our customers benefit from Kindly and how you can do too. I will also cover other topics like the main features of Kindly.


What’s the app’s main purpose?

Kindly automatically sends payment reminders via email to customers with open invoices to increase the likelihood that customers will actually complete their orders. If not, let Kindly cancel them to free up your inventory for new buyers and increase sales.

Save time: Don’t bother drafting and sending email reminders manually

Maximize revenue: Increase your sales by reminding customers via email

Save money: No need to hire personell to manage the task

Increase sales: Let Kindly cancel unpaid orders to make products available again.


Kindly’s main features

Autopilot 👩‍✈️: Automatically sends e-mail reminders to unpaid orders with your custom email schedule and template

Auto-cancel ❎: Cancels remaining open orders after unsuccessful recovery to unblock inventory and increase sales

Analytics 📈: Offers a big range of email performance metrics and other metrics like recovered revenue and orders

Spam safety 🤝: 99,99% delivery rate – make sure your email reminders really reach your customers

Order-filter 🔍: Exclude or include only certain orders for recovery via tags or payment methods

Multiple reminder plans 👯‍♂️: Create multiple reminder plans for different payment methods or use-cases (B2B and B2C or Invoice and money order)

Draft orders 📝: Also send email reminders to open draft orders

Template editor 🖼️: Create shop-fitting and tech-standard email templates at ease or paste your HTML code


What do customers use the app for?

Manual payment methods

Most of our customers use Kindly to remind their customers of unpaid orders due to manual payment methods. For example: bank deposit, money order, Vorkasse, Invoice, Oxxo in Mexico, Boleto in Brazil, Konbini in Japan, P24 in Poland, Mercado Pago,…)


Fulfillment before payment

Many customers send out the products before they got the payment and so they remind the customers until they pay.


Cancel unpaid orders automatically after x days

Cancel orders after unsuccessful recovery to free up the inventory for new buyers


Direct sellers

Customers who accept orders via social media direct messaging or phone call do remind remind customers of these open draft orders to increase the likelihood of a sale


Interested to try?

If you want to give Kindly a try we offer a 21-days free trial with all of Kindly’s features. After the trial period you can decide with what plan you want to continue. Take a look at our prices.

Let me know if you have any questions I am happy to answer them for you!

Thanks for reading!